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Standard cover edition Wicked Heart by Ria Wilde

Wicked Heart


His obsession would be her ruin.

There is no room for sweet or innocent in my world.
No room for mistakes or weaknesses.
My life was full of darkness, greed and corruption.
Blood was spilled as easily as water and life taken without much thought.
I made a vow to my sister that the people who harmed her all those years ago would pay, and the only currency I would accept was their lives.

Until she arrived.

She didn't belong here, a light in the dark, a flower growing on a battlefield.
Her sweet nature was like a beacon for my depraved heart, and I knew going anywhere near her would be her damnation.
But there's something about her, it calls to me and it's not long before her siren song snares me.
I would have her.
I would keep her.

She's wise to be scared of me for I'm not the hero in her story...
I'm the villain.

I'm the very man who will corrupt her.
But I'm going to take her anyway.

Even if it ruins her.

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