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All The Broken Pieces book cover by Ria Wilde

All The Broken Pieces


All the Broken Pieces : A Standalone Dark Romance



When I met him I didn't realize who he was. I still didn't when I let him take me back to his hotel for the night.
I never expected to see him again.
Until I found him on my father's couch, revealing him and I are connected in more ways than simply a one night stand.

To make it worse, he was a Saint, part of the ruling mafia family that owned the city of Redhill.
I should have stayed away at that point. I had a lot at risk and my own mess to deal with, but it wasn't that easy.
Not when he kept showing up, and that one night turned to two, and then three...
I was drawn to him as much as he was to me.
We should have stayed away from each other.
If we did, maybe there wouldn't be more than my heart on the line...


She was a distraction I didn't see coming.
A light in the dark.

I was no good for her, not with my demons and my past. She deserved better.
And yet I kept taking, kept devouring all that she was willing to give.
My life was dangerous.
I was dangerous.
But she didn't run from me and maybe if she did we wouldn't be in this mess.

But I'm a selfish man and the games I play are ones that only end in shattered pieces.
She'll learn soon enough that I'm no good.
But it'll be much too late by then.
I should have known how this would end.
How could someone so broken hope for a happy ending, after all?

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