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Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire




Dear future ex-husband, I loathe you.


Malakai Farrow needs a wife, and I would have done anything to save the last piece of my family.

Now I'm here, in his house, seeing first hand how dangerous this man is.

He's merciless.

Brutal and cold.

And my new husband.


He tossed my life into the air and then watched it fall and shatter.

So now, I'm going to make his life hell.


Playing with fire has never been this much fun.

And if I get burned in the process?

Well, I'll be sure to take him down with me.




Dear wife, your claws are out early today. I like it.


Olivia Lauder is the ticket to keeping my throne.


In this organization there are rules every leader must follow and taking a wife is one of them.


It's only supposed to be a business transaction, a signed contract to satisfy old traditions.

That was until she stormed into my house like a little hell cat, and I simply couldn't resist.


Playing with Olivia is just too much fun when the rest of my life is so organized.

But then the games start to feel a little too real.


And with every day that passes, she climbs further beneath my skin.


Olivia and I were only ever meant to be on paper, but now that I have her, I'm finding I want her in every way possible.


Even if that means we both go up in flames.

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