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Standard cover edition Savage Heart by Ria Wilde

Savage Heart


Savage Heart - A Dark Romance : Wreck & Ruin Book 2


They say you can't tame a monster.
That you can't love a villain.

One of those things is true, the other is false.

Hunter had always been the villain in my twisted fairytale, he was never the white knight, and he only made that clearer the night he betrayed me.

I was once good, but now they call me a savage.
And he was to blame.
I think it only fair to settle the score between us.

Revenge had kept me on an even path for three years, and I finally have it in my hands.
Except, for Hunter, he wasn't willing to accept anything less than complete and utter possession of me.
I thought I'd be able to end it, once and for all.
Yet here I am, falling straight back into his arms.

I loved him once upon a time, I fear I still do, but we had been doomed from the start, lies and treachery woven into the fabric of our very beings.

He won't give up.

He tells me we're destined for each other.
But for me, there's only one way this can end.

How can you love a villain after all?

This is the second book in the Wreck & Ruin series, and follows Isobel and Hunter's story. A full length dark romance that can be read as a standalone, however there are plot points continued on from book one.

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