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These Rough Waters book cover by ria wilde

These Rough Waters


These Rough Waters : A dark smalltown romance (Ravenpeak Bay Book 1)



The storm is raging...




I lost my heart five years ago and the space where it once was is now covered in ice.

It was better that way.

Their deaths were my fault, and this isolation is my penance.

So I spend my days on the water, tempting the storms that roughen the seas to take me too.

Until she arrived.

Maya and all her secrets tempted me in a way I didn't think was possible. Not after everything that happened.

But she had the presence of a tempest.

Hard to ignore, and I find myself more than willing to stand in the eye of her storm.




I came here to escape.

To run away.

And Ravenpeak Bay was the perfect sleepy little town to hide away in.

I expected quiet days to forget it all, but I should have known it wouldn't be that easy.

Torin Avery has been a storm in my path ever since I met him, and he's a man you can't look away from.

My past doesn't allow me to trust or love easily, and I know a man like him will shatter what little of me I have left.

Yet Torin was just as broken as I was, and though I tried to look away from whatever was brewing between us, I was finding instead, that his broken pieces fit perfectly with mine.

But no amount of running will stop the past from catching up, and our secrets leave us drowning in these rough waters.

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