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Like  A Hurricane book cover by Ria Wilde

Like a Hurricane


Like a Hurricane: A dark smalltown romance (Ravenpeak Bay Book 2)



I'm the charming brother. The playful one.
Damn good at my job, but I never take it too seriously.
Life and death were just like playing cards dealt around a poker table.
And the new job I accepted was just like any other.
Until it wasn't.

My course changed the moment I met Arryn Lauder, an absolute hurricane of a woman, and my client's daughter.

But when the job goes wrong, and she becomes the new target on the underworld's hitlist, I do the one thing that could end us both.
I take her.

She was determined to hate me, but she was always meant to be mine.


Ice queen.

I was used to being disliked. I expected it even.
So when Everett Avery shows up, with his charm and ridiculous good looks, I know to expect disappointment.

But then everything changes in one evening, as the only witness to my father's murder, my life becomes forfeited by the very same organization Everett works for.
Except he doesn't want to cash in on the job, he wants to save me from it, even if that means taking me against my will.

I try to keep my distance, I know how these stories end, but the more time we spend together, the harder it is to deny.

Everett wanted me to be his.
But fear keeps my heart locked in a cage.

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