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Advanced Readers Copy Signup

Thank you for your interest in being an ARC reader. As an independent author your honest reviews and feedback are so important. Please fill out the form below if you wish to sign up. I can only feasibly give out a limited number of ARC’s for each book, so please note that signing up does not guarantee you will get a copy of every new book release.

Please select which best describes you.
Are you willing to leave a review
Which platform will you be posting your review
How would you like to partipate
If you are participating in ARC & Review (Inc fulltour) do you agree to post your review on release or before reviews due date as stated
You understand that ARCs are NOT final versions and any errors, grammatical or otherwise will be corrected before release. You agree your review will not be affected should you come across these errors.

Additional Info

Promotional material, i.e. teasers, reveals etc, will be sent via email the day before it is scheduled. These emails will come from

If you are expecting an email, please check your junk folders (it happens!) or if you have any concerns, please reach out to Ria by emailing

Reviews & Ratings

Not all books are for everyone and this is okay. There is no policy for rating nor will your rating be used against you should you decide to sign up to any new books by Ria Wilde.

Should you decide the book is not for you and give it a lower rating, the only thing that is requested is that the rating/review is posted after release. 

If you have any feedback or want to let Ria Wilde know about your rating, you can contact her at

Thanks for submitting!

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